A bunch of hands on various things from last night. I was feeling off from some bad food and had to stay home from going to the movies. It would have been the first movie that I would see a theater for this year.

Instead of lying in bed feeling like an Alien was ready to chest burst or worse yet, stomach burst, I got out the paint and got busy. It was a pretty productive night.

My cat watched the art happenings from her ottoman perch. As I write this blog post, she is attacking a sheet of newspaper on the floor. No wait, she just discarded it in favor of watching the turtles get warm.

I am getting ready for my day job. However, the art is raging in my veins like the T Virus from Resident Evil. 

Happy Tuesday.


PS. Song of the day The Smiths - This Charming Man. Google that and pick up your cat or nearest loved one and dance around the living room or such.